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Free Information
From this page you can access a great deal of free information about Estate Planning.  Mr. Jones has written three texts that are likely to answer most of the questions you might have.  If you have Adobe Reader (which is a free program) you can read the entire texts online or you may save the text to read at your convenience.  Simply click on one of the "Booklet" links to the left.  To read online, simply click "open" at the new screen.  To save the pdf file to your computer, click "save" at the new screen.  You may also watch one of three powerpoint presentations that are found at the "Presentation" links to the left.  Presentation I is about 13 minutes long and covers the items reviewed by Mr. Jones during an initial interview with a new client.  Presentation II is about 59 minutes long.  It was prepared for the GW Mastermind Alliance.  It covers simple estate planning in greater detail and discusses how to complete the simple estate planning questionnaire that may be found at the "Packet" link on the left.  Presentation III is about 54 minutes long.  It was prepared for Legacy Consulting.  It is similar to Presentation II, but uses a different questionnaire.
Estate Planning

There is a wide spread misconception that estate planning is only of interest to the rich. In fact, estate planning is important to everyone for two reasons. First, an estate plan provides the legal means for disposing of your property at death in a way that recognizes your wishes, the needs of your survivors, and minimizes taxes. Second, it can provide for the handling of your affairs in the event of disability or medical treatment involving life support.

Can I do it myself?

For a variety of reasons, including cost, many individuals will use various self-help estate planning methods. Unfortunately, because of lack of legal knowledge their actions can have serious adverse consequences and their property may not end up being disposed of as they wish. For example, if a Will is not properly prepared the entire document could be declared invalid or some of its provisions ignored. Using the assistance of an attorney is a lot like taking out an insurance policy. It insures that the result you want actually takes place. A number of these self-help methods and their potential consequences are discussed in the "Self Help" link to the left.
Would you like a Free Estate Planning Consultation?
     In Person
If you would like to meet with Mr. Jones personally, you may schedule a Free Consultation by calling his office at 801-224-5750. If you like, you may also download the Estate Planning Packet that Mr. Jones gives to each of his potential clients at the end of the consultation.  Click on the "Packet" link on the left.  This will allow you to begin gathering the necessary papers and filling out the Questionnaire.  For further office information, including a map, please refer back to the home page.  Be sure to bring any estate planning documents you already have to your appointment. 
     By Phone
For those who may find it difficult to travel, Mr. Jones will provide a free phone consultation to anyone who will take the time to watch Presentation II.  You should print out the Questionnaire before watching Presentation II.  Once you have watched the presentations, please call 801-224-5750 to schedule your consultation. 
Document Review
Mr. Jones is often asked to review and recommend updates or changes to estate planning documents that are already in existence.  Because some of these documents are quite long it is usually more efficient for Mr. Jones to review them prior to your consultation.  You may deliver the documents to his office in any way that is convenient to you including fax (801-224-6345) or e-mail (PGJones4@Hotmail.com).  If you do not want a consultation in connection with a review of your documents Mr. Jones can prepare a written report of his review that can be sent to you.  Legacy clients will deliver their documents directly to Legacy.
Off Site Consultations
If you live in Utah County it may be possible for Mr. Jones to visit with you personally to review or complete your documents.  However, there is an additional charge for this service.  If you are interested in visiting with Mr. Jones outside of his office, please call 801-224-5750 and speak with one of his employees to arrange an appointment.  If you are a Legacy client, you should contact Legacy to schedule your consultation. 
Online Document Preparation
Current technology now makes it possible to prepare Simple Estate Planning Documents over the internet.  If you will provide Mr. Jones with the necessary information he will prepare documents that you can download and print out on your own computer.  While the software for our digital system (which will allow online data entry and payment) is being prepared you can use the following procedure:
1.  Watch "Presentation II" by clicking on the appropriate link at the left.
2.  Download the appropriate Questionnaires by clicking "Packet" at the left.
3.  Complete the Questionnaires.  If you have any questions regarding the questionnaire send an e-maiil to Mr. Jones at PGJones4@Hotmail.com or call 801-224-5750 and ask for Karin.
4.  Send the completed Questionnaires to Mr. Jones at PGJones4@Hotmail.com as an e-mail attachment.
5.  Within 24 hours you should receive an e-mail confirming that your information has been received.  If any information is missing from your questionnaires, you will receive an e-mail requesting that information.  The return e-mail will also indicate the documents to be prepared and the fee for preparing them.
6.  Once the information is complete and the fee has been received, the documents will be prepared.
7.  The completed documents will then be sent to you as a pdf e-mail attachment.  Instruction will also be included on how to complete the documents.