Consumer Bankruptcy
[1] Introduction
[2] General Information
[3] Limitations on Filing
[4] The Automatic Stay
[5] Debt Treatment under Chapter 7
[6] Debt Treatment under Chapter 13
[7] Asset Treatment under Chapter 7 and 13
[8] Choosing Between the Alternatives
[9] Case Summary and Outline
[10] Getting Started
[11] Typical Pre-Filing Problem Areas
[12] Filing
[13] Typical Post Filing Issues
[14] The First Meeting of Creditors
[15] Chapter 7 Interim Administration
[16] Chapter 13 Interim Administration
[17] Chapter 7 Discharge
[18] Chapter 13 Discharge
[19] Typical Post Discharge Issues
[20] Fees and Costs
[21] Bankruptcy Reform

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Bankruptcy Packet

Fees and Costs

Power Point
[1] Introduction & Priority Debt
[2] Secured Debt
[3] Executory Contracts & Unsecured Debt
[4] The Bankruptcy Estate
[5] Chapter 7
[6] Chapter 13
[7] Final Matters

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Free Information
From this page you can access a great deal of free information about Bankruptcy.  Mr. Jones has written a 124 page text that is likely to answer most of the questions you might have.  You can read the entire text on-line by clicking on the links to the left.  Each number represents a separate chapter.  If you would like, you may also down load the text in pdf format by clicking on the "Booklet One" and "Booklet Two" links on the left.  If you are a client of Mr. Jones, you can obtain additional useful information by clicking on the "Client Page" link.

Can I do it myself?

For a variety of reasons, including cost, many individuals will try to file their own bankruptcy petitions. In the past most of these individuals were successful in their efforts. Unfortunately, with the complexity of the new law most pro-se (do it yourself) filers are having their cases dismissed for failure to meet one or more of the new technical requirements of the law. Such as the requirement to complete the credit briefing class "prior" to the filing their petition or failing to file the correct "payment advices" with the court. In addition, pro se filers subject themselves to consequences that they might not be aware of. Such as the loss of bank funds, tax refunds, or other property (including their home) that may have been prevented with a little advance planning.

If you feel that you have no choice but to file your own bankruptcy, please carefully review all of the information available at the Bankruptcy Court web site ( for unrepresented debtors. Once you have prepared the documents to the best of your ability, pay an attorney to review the documents for you. This will help insure that you have completed them properly.  The attorney will also be able to warn you of consequences that you may not have anticipated.
Would you like a Free Bankruptcy Consultation?
If you live in the Utah, Wasatch, Juab, Sanpete, Carbon, Duchesne, Uintah, Grand, San Juan, Emery, Sevier, or Millard County and would like to meet with Mr. Jones personally, you may schedule a Free Consultation by calling his office at 801-224-5750. Any of his employees would be happy to help you. In preparation for that interview you might like to watch a powerpoint presentation that Mr. Jones has prepared.  Simply click on the "Powerpoint" links on the left.  Once the presentation comes up click it once to play.  If you like, you may also download the Bankruptcy Packet that Mr. Jones gives to each of his potential clients at the end of the free consultation.  Click on the "Bankruptcy Packet" link on the left.  This will allow you to begin gathering the necessary papers and filling out the Bankruptcy Questionnaire.  For further office information, including a map, please refer back to the home page.
For those who may find it difficult to travel, Mr. Jones will provide a free phone consultation to anyone who will take the time to provide him with certain basic information about themselves and their situation. None of the information collected in this process with be shared with any other party. 
While the Digital Filing System is under construction, you may schedule a free phone consultation by calling 801-224-5750.  You must watch each of the "Powerpoint" links on the left, prior to your interview.

Requirements: [Digital Filing System is Under Construction]

1. Complete the Personal Data Form. [link]

2. Watch the Videos. [link] Each video is designed to give you basic information about Bankruptcy and to help you complete the Questionnaires.

3. Complete the Questionnaire(s). [link] Each questionnaire gathers information that is essential to determining each persons unique circumstances.  This is only part of the information that will be gathered if you decide to file a Bankruptcy.

4. Wait for E-Mail Confirmation. Once you have completed the above steps you will receive e-mail confirmation that your information has been received. If any information is missing from your questionnaires, you will receive an e-mail requesting that information. Once the information is complete and has been reviewed by Mr. Jones you will receive a second e-mail indicating that you may call the office to set up a time for your free consultation.

If you have questions at any point in this process, please feel free to call and talk to Alie or Laura who are the paralegals who typically handles Bankruptcy matters for Mr. Jones.
What does it Cost?
For the short answer to this question.  Click on the "Fees and Costs" link on the left.  For a longer answer click on the "[20] Fees and Costs" link to Chapter 20 of the Bankruptcy Text.

The information provided on this web-site is for information purposes only.  This information is not a substitute for retaining your own Attorney.  Further, a free consultation does not make you a client of Mr. Jones. You may only become a client by completing the Bankruptcy Packet, paying a retainer, and signing a Financial Agreement.