Consumer Bankruptcy
[1] Introduction
[2] General Information
[3] Limitations on Filing
[4] The Automatic Stay
[5] Debt Treatment under Chapter 7
[6] Debt Treatment under Chapter 13
[7] Asset Treatment under Chapter 7 and 13
[8] Choosing Between the Alternatives
[9] Case Summary and Outline
[10] Getting Started
[11] Typical Pre-Filing Problem Areas
[12] Filing
[13] Typical Post Filing Issues
[14] The First Meeting of Creditors
[15] Chapter 7 Interim Administration
[16] Chapter 13 Interim Administration
[17] Chapter 7 Discharge
[18] Chapter 13 Discharge
[19] Typical Post Discharge Issues
[20] Fees and Costs
[21] Bankruptcy Reform

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Bankruptcy Packet

Fees and Costs

Power Point
[1] Introduction & Priority Debt
[2] Secured Debt
[3] Executory Contracts & Unsecured Debt
[4] The Bankruptcy Estate
[5] Chapter 7
[6] Chapter 13
[7] Final Matters

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Client Page

Credit Briefing Class

One of the requirements of the new law is that you take a Credit Briefing Class prior to the filing of your bankruptcy. Normally this class is taken after your pleadings have been prepared and signed. However, it is possible to take this class while your papers are being prepared. If you would like to do that, please click on the link below to access the instructions for taking the class.

Briefing Class Letter.pdf

Financial Education

After your case is filed, you must also complete a Financial Education Class. Normally this is done after you received notice of the Court Hearing, but before actually attending the First Meeting of Creditors. If you would like to take the class immediately after your case is filled, please click on the link below to access the instructions for taking the class.

Financial Education Class Letter.pdf

First Meeting of Creditors

It is very important that you come prepared to the first meeting of creditors and that you bring all of the necessary documents with you. You should attempt to meet with Mr. Jones at least 10 days prior to your hearing. If you cannot meet with him for some reason you should review the following files.

First Meeting Check List.pdf

First Meeting Map.pdf

First Meeting Procedures.pdf

Please be aware that if you are not prepared your case could be dismissed.


Occasionally it is necessary to make corrections to your bankruptcy Statements and Schedules. If you need to add a new creditor, change your address, or make some other change, please click on the appropriate link below:


Address Change.pdf

Lien Avoidance

Judgments that are docketed prior to the filing of your bankruptcy become an automatic lien on any real property that you own and will survive bankruptcy. This means that after the bankruptcy is over, you will still owe this debt. You will not be able to sell or refinance your home without paying the debt plus any accumulated interest. In some cases it is possible to remove or ?strip? these liens. If you would like us to attempt to do this, please click on the link below.

522(f) Motion.pdf

Objection to Dismissal

If a motion has been filed to dismiss your case and you wish to resist that motion you should click on the link below:

Objection to Dismissal.pdf

Stay Lift

If you have received a Motion to Lift the Automatic Stay and you wish to retain the particular item, you should click on the link below.

Objection to Stay Lift.pdf

Sale, Refinance or Purchase

If during the term of your bankruptcy you wish to sell property, refinance property, or purchase an item on credit you need court approval to do so. Such approval can take up to two months to obtain. If you wish use to file a motion for court approval of a sale, refinance, or purchase, please click on the link below.

Sell, Refinance, Purchase.pdf

Motion to Abate

If you get behind in your payments under a Chapter 13 Plan, the Court may (in limited circumstances) allow you to catch up on your payments. If you do not want your case dismissed and would like to make a proposal to catch up your payments, please click on the link below.